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As technology advances, audio content becomes more abundant.

Music-streaming services provide access to hours of audio content various genres.

In addition, podcasts are becoming increasingly popular with both casual and hardcore listeners.

Both of these forms of audio content are accessible on all kinds of handheld and mobile devices.

In addition, there are home entertainment systems with high fidelity audio capabilities.

Even cars now have car stereos with plenty of available audio content.

Essentially, audible has become a part of daily life for many people.

Audible refers to something that can be heard.

In the physical sense, audible refers to what can be heard by the human ear.

In the digital sense, audible refers to the human ability to hear or understand.

Audio is a major component of today's media.

It can be produced and consumed on a massive scale.

In that regard, audio has become an integral part of life for many individuals.

Taking all that into consideration, audible relates to how much audio is present in our world.

Today, most people listen to music or podcasts on a daily basis.

Music is an integral part of life; it's found in many different forms and genres.

People also watch movies and listen to television shows on their phones and tablets.

All these forms of auditory content are readily available and accessible via technology advances.

Essentially, audible is a quantifiable term describing the amount of audio content present in our world.

Audible is quantifiable when referring to how much audio content is present in our world.

Thanks to technology, music-streaming services have made listening to music easy and accessible.

People have also started consuming more audio through mobile devices and in their homes.

This abundance of audio content has led to an increase in both production and consumption over the last decades.

Without audible, our world would be far removed from any type of audible content whatsoever

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