Learn How to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a really fun and exciting home business that you can run from your personal computer or notebook. I have participated in affiliate marketing since back in 1998, before the term "affiliate marketing" even existed. I started out marketing different online services on free classifieds, and eventually, I graduated to marketing for companies with free affiliate programs. I have my own sites within several niche markets, such as Sports, Online Shopping (several targeted niches), Natural Health (emphasis on natural herbal remedies), Forex affiliate opportunities and entrepreneurship. I also recommend the Aweber Affiliate Program as a Top Pick!

Affiliate Programs and Affiliate Networks are free to participate in for affiliates. To sign up all you have to do is go to the site and go through the signup forms, and wait for the approval. Some affiliate programs have no approval process, while some very definitely do require a review of your websites and personal information. I also discuss many different aspects of affiliate marketing within my Affiliate Marketing Blog. If you are interested in starting a new home business in affiliate marketing, I highly recommend that you study the blogs I link to on my blog and that you open a new FREE BLOG and start publishing too, and that will be a good platform to start from. Check out my definition of Affiliate Marketing.

My entire website empire also includes many different sites on other entrepreneurial sites that are referred to as Revenue Sharing Web 2.0 community portals. An example of a successful one is Squidoo. This is by no means the only one like it, but I use it as an example here. They will share their affiliate revenue with you when visitors come to sites you publish, but they have a hard and fast no spam rule, so you must publish your own original content to ensure your success within this community or any other Web 2.0 portal site. Another one that I love is ZLiO Shops. With this shopping portal, you are allowed to build up to 10 FREE Shops offering products you can select from tens of thousands of available items through their affiliations, and they will share the revenue you earn from sales realized through the shops you build. There are many of these types of Web 2.0 community sites available with revenue sharing that are free to join and use, and with them, you can make money online. I discuss several of these web 2.0 sites on my Make Money Blog.

I recommend that you sign up for a top-notch affiliate network like SHAREASALE, but first, you should develop some blogs, websites and forums to advertise their offers on, as they will want to see some examples of your work.

My domain is where I publish most of my pages that make money. I publish affiliate informational pages, and product display sites in the niche markets of sports, health, shopping, finance and entrepreneurship (making money online). The wonderful thing about this business is that a lot of it is 2 tier in design. It is absolutely free to affiliate marketers. You can, for instance, sign up for a great network like Shareasale and join literally hundreds of affiliate programs they manage under one umbrella. Then, if you sign up other affiliates under you in the program, you will earn a 5% override commission on all of their sales. This is in addition to any direct sales you generate as an affiliate member of the network.

I make money every day online with my own domain and with web 2.0 applications. I have a sort of "online article" page where I discuss the topic of making money online through affiliate marketing. I also discuss affiliate marketing subjects and related money making ideas on my blog called the Affiliate Marketing & Recruiting Blog. Very original huh? Anyway, I keep this stuff pretty simple and in fact, SEO affiliate marketing is simple. Build and publish websites, blogs and web 2.0 sites where you promote affiliate products and services. The result, if done properly is that you will make money in the process.

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